All I want for Christmas are friends like these!

It is hard to articulate how our expectations have been exceeded this Christmas season by the love of our home church. Obviously, we know that our parents will buy us something that doesn’t fit and maybe a gift card to shop someplace, but when someone unexpected lavishes your family with gifts it is a truly delightful blessing.

This week both our friends and team members have blown us away by their generosity. For example, Erika’s ladies prayer group sent her a generous check and displayed their knowledge of my fancy for superior white-colored machinery by presenting me with a one-hundred dollar gift card to the Apple Store!

So many great gifts from various friends. Our favorite gift? I am glad you asked...

Our favorite gift was Someone being made sin for us.
Who? The One who knew no sin. 
Why? That we might be made the righteousness of God in Him!

Merry Christmas!

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Victoria said...

The best gift besides our Lord Jesus . . . apple